How We Work


We Believe in working flexibly with our students to help them achieve their goals.

Every student is different and a “one-approach fits all” style of teaching isn’t how we like to do things. 

We begin each tutoring engagement with an assessment to allow us to benchmark where the student is in relation to their understanding of the curriculum, get a sense of their learning styles and what they want to achieve. We can provide a report to parents to provide them with a benchmark, which can be updated at subsequent intervals to measure progress. 

Based on the students goals and current progress, we can devise a learning plan together which fits in with their commitments and time available. 

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How long do I have to sign up?

We believe in working with students for as long as they need our support, whether that’s a week, a month or an entire term. 

We often engage with students not long after the start of a term, when it’s clear that they aren’t getting the time or attention they need in their regular schooling to embed their knowledge.

However, we are committed to only working with the student for as long as they feel they need our support.  

The Benefits of Online Tutoring 


Online tutoring offers all the benefits of in-person tutoring and more. Tutoring sessions slot easily into your day with no need for wasted time travelling to and from sessions. 

Additionally, online tutoring allows students to record sessions so they can re-watch at their leisure as well as for revision. 

Using online Whiteboard technology we can easily show real time examples if required and work on problems together.